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June 28, 2012 Photos © 2012 Escott O. Norton

Hank Hess BNI Story
MVM Joan DeSouza Gem City Chapter
MVM Jerry Sgrignoli Foothill Networking Professionals
MVM Don Gow Referral Experts Chapter
MVM Karen Wallace Rose Bowl Chapter
MVM Dr. Kevin Cressey Founders Chapter
MVM Tony Kuo Route 66 Chapter
MVM Laura Alvarado D Street Networkers
MVM Arif Taj Master Wealth Builders
MVM Esther Lee Huntington Library Chapter
MVM Matthew Sheasby Business Referral Source
MVM Craig Archer Fiesta Lunch Chapter
MVM Ross Lockwood Inland Referral Source
MVM Mary Hall Profit Partners Chapter
MVM Kevin Gaffuri Crown City Chapter
MVM Jason Van Noy Referrals Unlimited Chapter
MVM Raymond Hoyt DDS Western Connection
MVM Christine Bond Referral Solutions Chapter
MVM Ryan Asao Foothill Business Builders Chapter
GREAT turnout for the event!
Allen Greenstein from Rythm Entertainment kept momentum
Most Improved Chapter BNI Route 66
Most Recorded 1-2-1 Mary Malooly
Gem City Chapter members supporting Joan
Photography by Escott O. Norton
Chapter Growth Award BNI Referral Solutions
Many awards to be given
Founders Award BNI Rose Bowl
BNI Story by Harcourt Hervey (right)
Our Team
Our Team
Ivan presenting whos in your room
Ali Holakoui - 15 year member
Barrey Staggs - 25 year member
Brian Weide - 16 year member
Dr. Bill Nelson - 20 year member
Bob Payne - 19 year member
Gina Travis - 15 year member
Hala Alam - 15 year member
Marion Proffitt - 18 year member
Mary Hall - 15 year member
Mike Rueda - 20 year member
Paul Willis - 21 year member
Tony Dalia - 20 year member
Xina Kingshill - 27 year member
Givers Gain Award - Don Gow - Referral Experts
Givers Gain Award - Jeremy Ball - Route 66
Open Networking
2012 MCRA Attendees
2012 MCRA Attendees
2012 MCRA Attendees
2012 MCRA Attendees
2012 MCRA Attendees
2012 MCRA Attendees
2012 MCRA Attendees
2012 MCRA Attendees